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November 7, 2023


Candlewood Market in Fairfield CT, located in the Sportsplex, was a hidden gem to me, but a bustling local hub to those from the area. At Candlewood Market, you can find a variety of drinks, pastries, pizzas, and even bagels straight from New York! They have a wide range of coffee beverages, Espresso Bars, Matcha, Smoothies, Frappes, and Italian Sodas, just to name a few! Their delectable food products range from Chocolate Croissants, Bacon egg and cheeses, Chipotle Chicken Salad, Buffalo Chicken Pizzas, to Ice Cream from Rich Farm!

Candlewood Market | Coffee Shop Fairfield CT | Organic Juice Bar | Smoothie Bar

The atmosphere at Candlewood Market is nothing short of charming and homey. The rustic wooden shelves adorned with local artisanal products created an inviting ambiance that made me want to explore more! In our interview with manager of Candlewood Market,  Ryan Inzero, he shared that he does a lot of his gift shopping at Candlewood Market, and I can definitely see why! You can purchase high quality products such as infused oils, balsamics,  herbal tonics, hot sauces, and essential oils while supporting local businesses!

Candlewood Market offers free wifi so you can sip on a frappe and chew on your bagel (straight from New York) while taking a business meeting or scrolling on Tiktok with a good connection! At Candlewood Market you will find: delicious roasted coffee, crafted drinks, specialty imported pastries, ice cream from Rich Farm, and a gift shop! Candlewood Market is a one stop local hub and I know I will be back! 

Candlewood Market | Fairfield CT Coffee Shop Near Me | Organic Juice Bar | Smoothie
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