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Certified organic, 100% juice from extraordinary berries grown in the flourishing rainforests of Brazil.

  • 16oz

Acai Gold

SKU: 790223100624
  • Brazilian superfruit bottled for big nutritional benefit.

    Traditionally used by the native peoples of the Amazon region, açai palm trees flourish in lush rainforests where the synergy of nutrient-rich soil and tropical climate provide prime growing conditions. Bursting with antioxidant power, the berries of the açai also contain naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, anthocyanins, phytosterols, omega oils, and amino acids.

    With no added sugar, artificial color or preservatives, Dynamic Health Acai Gold offers 30,000 mg of certified organic açai juice per convenient 2-tablespoon serving and is delicious sipped pure or added to water or your favorite beverage.

    Sure to become a household favorite, you can trust the astonishing power of açai to help support healthy:

    - Antioxidant activity
    - Cardiovascular function
    - Brain function
    - Overall wellness

  • Certified Organic Acai, Filtered Water, Citric Acid

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