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Bring a touch of nature into your home with our collection of Single-Note Essential Oils.

Ideal for use in an ultrasonic diffuser or to create your own DIY recipes for body and home, our Single-Note Essential Oils are 100% pure* and lot-tested and certified for quality.

 *Frankincense Single-Note Essential Oil is diluted to 20% concentration in pure jojoba oil.

Orange Sweet 10ml

SKU: 850727007239
  • Home care. Add a few drops to an ultrasonic diffuser to fill the room with a beautiful aroma, ore make your own do-it-yourself household cleaner.

    Skin & Body Care. Add a few drops to your body wash or lotion, or make your own aromatherapy body oil or bath bombs.

  • Essential oils are not all created equal. 

    SunLeaf only uses essential oils that are steam distilled / cold pressed / CO2 extracted from flowers, leaves, twigs, fruits and roots of plants.

    The oils are sourced from highly experienced producers, and every lot is tested and certified for quality & purity.

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